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Troop meeting Thursday ** Sign up for Fall Campore by Thursday!!!***YOU MUST SIGNUP BY THURSDAY***

Posted by connorbehar on Sep 1 2015 - 8:44pm
  •  The Fall  Camporee is the weekend of Sept 11-13. The location has changed from seph mack to Heritage
  • Please talk to your parents before Thursday and decide if you are available to make it to the fall camporre.  Any scout that is going to the camporee should sign up PRIOR to coming to the meeting this Thursday!! There is a link both on the calendar and on the right column on the home page.
  • This Thursday meeting will be planning the menus, duty roster, etc.
  • **Elections are coming up on Sept 17th. Nominations will be held the same night. Think about what position you may want to hold for the next term and if you have any questions talk to any of the leaders.  Info about positions is located in the files link on the left.
  • Adopt a highway is Saturday, Sept 26th. Please sign up by way of the calendar. Its important that we help clean up our community.
  • Sept 25-27 is the OA Ordeal. Talk to a leader for more info.

Signups for the Sept Camporee are OPEN!

Posted by jaypullen on Aug 26 2015 - 12:03pm

The fall camporee will be held at Camp Seph Mack on the weekend of September 11th - 13th.  It will have a boating and pioneering theme.  This is where we spent summer camp, so everyone will be very familiar with the camp.  The water centered theme will also be your last chance to get on the water before winter sets in!  Camporees are also fun because there will be a lot of other scouts there all doing the same thing!

Please check your family calendars and sign up now!  It helps us prepare for the trip know how many will be going.  New scouts, this is a great opportunity to get some of your requirements toward first class in!

sign up here


Posted by connorbehar on Aug 25 2015 - 5:50pm
  • We will be continuing our pioneering theme this week. We will be working on our new klondike sleds, LASHINGS ARE INMPORTANT!!, test your self.
  • Our PLC calender has been approved by the commitee. Mrs. Craft is now working to get it on our website. We are begining sigh up for the up coming camporee September 11-13. It will be at Seph Mach and have a boating theme.
  • Monday, September 21st there will be first ever lebo wide scout recruiting event from 6-8pm at the bird park pavilion. We will want to show off our troop in some way -think about when you were a webelos... what did you think was impressive about boy scouts? We will need to start putting pictures together and a record of everything we've done over the last couple of years to impress the future boy scouts.
  • The next court of honor will be on Sept 24th. If  you want to be a recognized scout for ranking up, you will want to finish your requirements by September 10th to leave time for your scout masters conference and your board of reveiw! ONLY 2 WEEkS DON'T PROCRASTINATE!!!
  • Patroleader, make sure the scouts in your patrol are on track to advance and if not GET OUT THERE AND HELP THEM!!!

Pioneering Begins this week!!!

Posted by jaypullen on Aug 18 2015 - 5:40pm

We begin the new program calendar this week and it starts with Pioneering and preparation for the September 11th camporee.  The Spartan patrol will be running the show this month, so everyone in Spartan Patrol needs to arrive at 7pm to put together the gameplan for the evening.

Remember, scouts can still wear their class B's until after Labor day--which means your red troop 65 shirt, or some other scout related t-shirt.

***Rocketry Meeting this week @ South Park!! Top of Sunny Slopes** REMEMEBER OUR MEETING IS WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!********

Posted by connorbehar on Aug 10 2015 - 10:06pm

  **This week our troop meeting has changed to Wed, Aug 12.***

The theme of this weeks meeting is rockety -Bring your own rockets and engines. We will be meeting at South Park at the  top of Sunny Slopes. If you are bringing a rocket to launch please try  to arrive by 6:30 to set up and if not then arrive by  7! 

New Lebo Scouting Website

Posted by jaypullen on Aug 10 2015 - 5:13pm

Mr Neuhaus acting as our commissioner has organized all the Mt Lebanon scout packs and troops and in the interest of promoting scouting in our community, this group has put together a website that compiles information about all the different packs and troops that are in here in Mt Lebanon.  Hopefully this will make it easier for interested parties to get information about scouting.  Take a moment and check it out!  And if anyone asks about scouting in Mt Lebanon, you can tell them about our troop, but you can also direct them to www.leboscouting.com   

Though it's not there yet, the idea is to also include Girl Scout troops.  Because scouting is good for everyone!  Thanks Mr Neuhaus for your work!

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