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Camp Prep, Leader installment, and Games!!!

Posted by jaypullen on Sep 28 2016 - 7:18am
  • Due to lack of availability of the neccessary scout leaders, we need to cancel the ILST training for this Saturday.  Details to follow...
  • Asst Scoutmaster meeting at 7
  • We need to install all the leaders that were not at the Court of Honor
  • We need to nail down the agenda and menus for the upcoming camp.  I was thinking broccoli sandwiches.  If you don't like that, you'll need to be at the meeting to give your input!!!
  • We need to play some games.
  • This Monday, Oct 3rd at 4pm is Pumpkin unloading at SHUP.  Last year we had a big turnout!  Get service hours, help out SHUP, AND....they are providing PIZZA.  This is a fun activity!  Helping out can be fun!
  • With us having to cancel ILST, that frees everyone up to help out Logan with his Eagle project on Saturday, beginning at noon.  So you don't miss out on more pizza, and more helping our fellow man!  Sign up on the website so he knows who he can expect!

Court of Honor 7pm Tonight!!!

Posted by jaypullen on Sep 22 2016 - 8:42am

Tonight is our first Court of Honor for the year!  There will be a lot of awards and patches and merit badges to be awarded plus we have the installment of our new elected leadership.  Don't miss it!!!

  • Scouts need to arrive by 6:30 to help set up.  The Court will begin at 7.
  • Sign up now for both the October camp and the November Wilderness Survival camp.  Click on the event on the right of the home page.  This year we will be enforcing the signup deadlines, so get your name in there now!!!
  • All newly elected and appointed leaders, you will need to attend the Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops Training session next Saturday morning from 9am - 1pm.  We'll provide snacks and pizza for lunch.  There will be some good information that will help you do your job this year as well as some games.  Sign up on the website so we can plan for you!


Posted by graydenstraub on Sep 12 2016 - 9:03pm
  • PLC elections this meeting.


Posted by jaypullen on Sep 12 2016 - 11:02am

This week you will be electing your new leadership for the troop.  It's very important that everyone be there so you can vote for your new SPL and patrol leader.

If there is a position of leadership you think you might be interested in, please contact Mr Pullen about it before this weeks meeting.

We will also be talking about our gameplan for the October 7-10 campout.  Everyone bring your Scout handbooks to the meeting, we're going to see if there are particular skills we need to work on or reinforce.  Those working toward 1st class--what requirements are you lacking?  Those working for Star or Life, do you need to teach the EDGE method???

SIGN UP FOR CAMP!  The October and November camps are both on the website.  Check out your schedules and if you can make it, it is helpful for our planning purposes if you can sign up early!

Dragon and Otter patrols, many of you will be really close to having all your requirements done for Tenderfoot.  Remember that if you are ready, YOU will need to come to Mr Pullen to request a scoutmaster conference.

Class A

Posted by graydenstraub on Sep 5 2016 - 7:15pm
  • First meeting of the new school year.
  • Please begin wearing Class A 


Posted by jaypullen on Sep 1 2016 - 10:11am

Last meeting of Summer!  Notes for this meeting...

  • Last meeting where you can wear your class B tshirts.  Next week we go back to your Class A's...make sure they're washed! ;-)
  • We'll be launching tennis balls with the PVC trebuchet from the pack in the parking lot.
  • There is a committee meeting tonight at 7pm.  All parents are invited and welcome to attend and encouraged to join the committee.  This is a great way to participate in the direction of the troop.  Big on the agenda is presentation and discussion of this year's calendar of events
  • Scouts, start thinking about who you want to be your patrol leader (and SPL) for the next 6 months.  Elections are coming up in two weeks on September 15th.  I'm looking to the experienced scouts to think about excerising your responsibility to help lead your patrols and/or the troop.  If you are working toward your Eagle rank, realize that is one thing Eagle Boards of review will always ask about...did you serve as SPL or Patrol Leader.