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Order of the Arrow candidate selections--NEED FULL PARTICIPATION!!! (Flaming Donuts-7:15 service patrol)

Posted by jaypullen on Apr 21 2015 - 6:01pm
  • We are holding OA candidate selections at this meeting.  What that means is that all scouts will be asked to select from a ballot those eligible scouts in the troop who, "...best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives..." (from the OA website).  This is where you as a scout select the best from the troop.  In order for us to even have the selection process, we must have at least half the troop present.  In reality, though, in an event as important as this, we should have full participation.  For the new scouts, this will be an interesting activity and one very important in scouting...you don't want to miss it!!!
  • One of our stoves has died, and the others are on their last legs.  In order to have enough to fully stock our patrol boxes with quality equipment, we need to raise money!  How is everyone doing with their Spaghetti dinner tickets and yearbook ad sales???  Don't delay, this is an important new event for our troop.

Scouting for Food a Big Success!

Posted by carolecraft on Apr 19 2015 - 3:16pm

A big THANK YOU to those who helped with Scouting for Food. Over the three food drive activities, 22 scouts and 26 adult volunteers helped out.

We collected:

  • $179 in donations
  • 126 bags of food
  • 71 boxes of food

A total of 10,437 units!

Fishing Campout and Leadership Training

Posted by jaypullen on Apr 14 2015 - 6:37pm
  • signup  deadline is Tuesday night for fishing campout this weekend.  We need to buy the food and need a good head count.  We will also be conducting Intro to Leadership Skills, a great prep for the new scouts as well as those now in leadership positions.
  • Keep selling those Speghetti Dinner tickets and yearbook ads!!!  Remember, if we do well, it will enable us to not only replenish our gear, but could help us lower the cost to your parents!
  • OA elections are NEXT Thursday 23rd.  Many of you campers will be eligible.  Is it something you are up to?  We'll talk a little about what it means.
  • Finally, a BIG thank you to Ms Wood for organizing the Scouting for Food drive.  We collected over $3,000 worth of food for people in our community!  Nice job to everyone who participated.
  • Agenda for metting

Scout For Food Pickup / Camp signup

Posted by jaypullen on Apr 10 2015 - 3:41pm
  • What a great night last night.  Our new scouts received their first rank, a lot of merit badges were awarded, and we saw the installment of our new leadership team.  

Court of Honor! setup@6:30, ceremony@7pm

Posted by jaypullen on Apr 8 2015 - 12:44pm
  • Thursday is our Court of Honor where we'll celebrate rank advancements, earned merit badges, new scout inductions and our new leadership will be installed.  Scouts come at 6:30 to help us set up, and the ceremony will start at 7:00.
  • Be ready to sign up for MB's and pay $50 deposit for summer camp.  Think about which MB's you want to go after at camp and give Mr Weissert your picks.  Here is a link to what will be offered .  Also, check out the whole program guide.

Scouting For Food Bag Drop-off! Thursday, April 2 @ 6:30

Posted by carolecraft on Mar 31 2015 - 8:32pm
  • Meeting time is 6:30 - 8:30
  • Meet in Crystal hall like normal and we'll split up in cars, each taking a different route working in teams.  It's like a military campaign!
  • Scouting For Food.  We need as many people as possible at these three events BAG DROP OFF Thursday / SHOP&SAVE Saturday / FOOD PICKUP next Saturday.  We collect a lot of food for the hungry, but it takes a lot of work and logistical strategy.  We need as many of you as humanly possible at these events.  Please register on the website (panel to the right) so we can plan ahead.
  • While you are registering for scouting for food, go ahead and register for the other camping events for the rest of the year!

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