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Welcome from Troop 65

Established in 1943, Troop 65 of Mt. Lebanon, PA offers opportunities for boys ages 11-17 to experience the outdoors, learn outdoor skills, provide community service and grow in leadership through a structured advancement program. We strive to be a scout-run, scout-led organization as much as possible.  All new scouts are welcome; no previous scouting experience is required.  Troop 65 serves scouts from various public and private schools in and around the Mt. Lebanon area. We typically have about 40-45 registered boys on our roster. Troop meetings are held at Sunset Hills Presbyterian Church in Crystall Hall on Thursday from 7:30 pm-  9:00 pm.  While access to many parts of our website is granted only to members of our troop (by login), we would be happy to hear from any interested families (Menu-Contact Us).

Some highlights of our program include camping, backpacking, kayaking, Klondike Derby, Adopt-a-Highway, broomball and summer camp. Our Summer camp has followed a pratice of exploring a new scout camp every two years.  The last six years we have visited Heritage Reservation, Seph Mack and Beaumont Scout Reservation. For 2018 & 2019, we are planning to attend Camp Raven Knob in North Carolina. We also regularly have boys participate in BSA sponsored high adventure trips to National Jamboree-West Virginia, Philmont-New Mexico, Seabase-Florida and Northern Tier- Minnesota/Canada. Over one hundred Troop 65 scouts have attained Eagle rank (Menu-Eagle's Nest).

For the last six years, we've earned Gold level for Journey to Excellence.





Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by jaypullen on Nov 22 2017 - 8:40am

How is it that it seems each year the holiday season sneaks up on me?  It comes at the same time every year.  It's even already written on the new calendar I buy every year.  But yet, every 3rd weekend of November I say, "It's almost Thanksgiving already!?"  It's a tradition in my family that at our Thanksgiving meal we go around the table, and usually we have a lot of family and friends visiting us, and everyone says at least one thing they are thankful for.  Since Troop 65 won't be coming over to my house this Thanksgiving, I want to let you all know some things I'm thankful for:

Last Shooting Themed meeting, also PLC @ 6:45

Posted by jaypullen on Nov 14 2017 - 8:46pm

This will be the last of our series of shooting themed meetings for the Spartans.

  • PLC meeting for patrols leaders, SPL, ASPL, and Scribe at 6:45.
  • Lot's will be going on to get ready for this weekends Shooting Camp at Camp Mountaineer in Morgantown, WV...
    • food prep in the kitchen
    • final prep of the QM to ensure we're ready
    • we'll need to put together a duty roster
  • Weather this weekend in Morgantown is not looking promising (100% chance of rain on Saturday), however, Mr Weissert stands by his record of it never raining when he camps.  Days look to be cool but comfortable in the low to mid 50's but the nights are going to be COLD in the upper 30's--especially if it's wet.  Please take care packing!
    • Here is a sample packing list...https://boyslifeorg.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/cold.pdf
    • Of particular importance, don't forget
      • Water bottle
      • mess kit
      • sweatshirts, fleece, sweater, etc.  Layer, Layer, Layer
      • long sleeve tshirt--did I say layer?
      • thermals--for layering
      • extra socks--remember there is a good chance it will be raining on Saturday.  You DO NOT want to be wet when going to bed.
      • and because it will be raining....RAIN GEAR!!!!

Other announcements and activities to be aware of:

Tomorrow's meeting back at SHUP!

Posted by jimwalsh on Nov 1 2017 - 2:10pm

Hey Scouts!

Mr Rayburg was able to cover a lot more than we had planned last week.  So tomorrow's meeting will be back at the church like normal.  We're still continuing the shooting theme.

Meeting at the Mt Lebo Safety Center @ 7:30!!!

Posted by fredweissert on Oct 26 2017 - 6:33pm


Our new theme for the next 4 weeks will be Rifle Shooting, sponsored by the SPARTAN patrol!  They have 4 great meetings lined up that will culminate with our outing November 17-19 at Camp Mountaineer in Morgantown WV.  And to mix it up a bit, we'll be meeting at the Mt Lebanon Safety Center for the next few meetings.  We'll be in the conference room on the 2nd floor.

Donuts are Cooking 7:30 this Thursday!!!

Posted by jaypullen on Oct 17 2017 - 3:19pm
  • The Flaming Donuts will lead us in the 2nd of 4 meetings about cooking.  They are working on "cooking up" something good for our electronics camp in January and making sure we are ready for it (see what I did there????, "cooking up".  Haha.
  • Cmte meeting @ 7pm.  All parents welcome!
  • How was Camp?  We'll do a quick recap of the Wilderness Survival camp--what worked, what didn't, what do we want to do again, what do we want to change?

Other announcements

  • Don't forget to sign up for the upcoming Shooting camp that will be at the wonderful Camp Mountaineer in Morgantown.  It was great to see so many parents at last week's camp.  Camp Mountaineer is about an hour away and easy to get to...consider coming to this one and sign up today!
  • Logan's Eagle court of honor will be November 11th.  sign up for that also.  If you've never been to an Eagle Court of Honor, try and make it, they are impressive.
  • Simon Mortimer has 3 work days where he needs help working on his project of building a playground area for the UU church of the South Hills on Washington Rd.  Sign up on the website.  Remember not only do you get fed and service hours, but you'll need people helping with YOUR Eagle project when it's YOUR turn.

Last Wilderness Survival meeting!

Posted by jaypullen on Oct 11 2017 - 8:06am
  • ASPL meeting WEDNESDAY @7 @ Eat n Park on W Liberty in Dormont
    • Alex Wallace will be leading a meeting for all scouts with a troop leadership position
    • ASPL

      Alex Wallace


      Robert Tang/Tyler Leach

      Chaplain's Aide

      Elliot Pullen


      Nathan Apanavicius


      Aiden Thornton

      Outdoor Ethics Guide

      Brevin Straub


      Alex Jackson


      John Walsh


      Grayden Straub

    • Mr Weissert will treat you to a dessert.  Please come with some thoughts on how YOU can make the position better. What big improvement or change would you like to see happen during your term? How does your position affect the Troop? What happens if your position does a good job? What happens if your do a bad job or no job at all? How can you guys work as a more effective team?
  • THURSDAY PLC meeting at 6:30 for the SPL, ASPL, Scribe, and our 4 Patrol Leaders
    • To discuss the moral of the troop and make sure we are prepared for this week's camp.
  • At this week's troop meeting we'll be covering the last of our meetings that discuss Wilderness Survival led by Gang Green

Other announcements

  • Next week on Wednesday there is an ASM meeting 7-8
  • Next week on Thursday, there will be a committee meeting during the troop meeting.
  • November will be a busy month...
    • Logan's Eagle ceremony will be November 11th, 11-2 at the UU church of the South Hills
    • Simon Mortimer will need help with his Eagle Project--building a playground, also at the UU church of the South Hills on the following days
      • 11/4, 12-4
      • 11/12, 12-4
      • 11/18, 12-4

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